My Relatives

My Relatives lets you document and explore family relations. It is based on the concepts of Person, representing a real person with a birth date, birth name, birth gender etc., and Life Events that specify when a person gets married, changes name, has a child, gets divorced, etc. Using this information, the app can determine and lets you interactively explore each person’s relatives, from great grandparents to half and step siblings to second cousins-in-law:

add person → add events → explore relatives

My Relatives is not positioned as a genealogy research tool; it aims at ‘broad’ relationships – cousins, cousins of cousins, etc. rather than ‘deep’ relationships (great-grandparents, great-great-grandparents, etc.). That being said however, there is nothing that prevents the creation of deep family trees.

The tool is multi-lingual; English, Dutch, Spanish and German are currently supported. An example database with members of the current British Royal House is provided.

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