Sunny Side Up Software

What is here?
A small collection of Windows 10 freeware. See drop down menu for available titles.

What is Sunny Side Up Software?
A hobby project that publishes software apps created by a U.S.-based scientist/software developer. Contact for details.

What is new?
A new version of ‘Traffic’ with some minor tweaks and new features; this is also the first notarized app.

What is next?
All installers will be notarized. App-wise, the only new one in progress is OntologyTool, a tool for general ontology creation / inference. An initial version is working, but a lot more work is needed to make it publishable. For all practical purposes, this project is stalled.

Installation issues
If Windows 10 does not let you run an installer downloaded from this site, see the Installation page for information and assistance.

If you encounter bugs or other issues with an app from this site, or have a question about one, please drop a line at The webform that was previously available has been removed because it caused too much spam.