This little app is a simple scramble square puzzle. Each piece contains the top or bottom half of a colored triangle on each side. The objective is to rearrange the pieces such that all halves match up to form full, monochrome triangles.

The puzzle may seem simple, but consider that the pieces can be arranged in 9! x 49 = 95,126,814,720 ways. While there are several solutions — for example, rotating any solution by 90 degrees results in another one — randomly positioning the pieces is unlikely to provide a quick solution, so a systematic approach is needed.

The puzzle always starts in a random configuration. Any two pieces can be swapped via drag and drop, and each piece can be rotated (90 degrees clock-wise) by double-clicking. There are buttons to create a new random configuration, to save or load a configuration, and to automatically solve the puzzle (the search strategy mostly ignores the start configuration).

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