For good reasons, Windows 10 makes it hard to install software downloaded from the internet when its source is unknown or untrusted.  To identify the source of a piece of software, it can be signed with a code signing certificate. Such certificates can be obtained from a trusted certificate authority such as the COMODO SSL Store.

Obtaining a code signing certificate is quite a process, involving formal document notarization amongst other steps; and when the certificate expires after a year, the entire procedure has to be repeated. While this is standard practice for commercial companies, it is a significant hurdle for hobbyists offering freeware, such as Sunny Side Up Software.

Getting things running
Fortunately, Windows 10 makes it easy to remove the hurdle. After downloading an installer,
– Open Windows Explorer
– Navigate to the Downloads folder
– Right-click the installer and select Properties at the bottom of the menu
– Check the Unblock box in the Security section at the bottom of the menu
– Click OK
You should now be able to run the installer.

But is is safe?
Good question; thanks for asking. All Sunny Side Up Software apps and installers are scanned for threats by Microsoft Defender before being uploaded to this site; and the site itself is monitored for malicious access by the web hosting provider’s site scanner and by various security plugins for WordPress, the website building framework used to create this site.

Additional security has been rolled out. All installers have been registered with CodeNotary prior to being uploaded to this site. Anyone who downloads an installer and wants to make sure it is has not been tampered with can verify the download on CodeNotary’s authentication site. Just open the site in a browser, drag the installer from your Downloads folder and drop it anywhere on the page. A confirmation will show up; see example below. Admittedly this optional step is an extra one for the user, but it is quick, simple and free.

Pages with notarized installers say “ Notarized with CodeNotary” above the download button.

Confirmation example